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G1 Jetfire Complete Parts Set

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This is a complete set of RESIN PRINTED replacement parts for G1 Jetfire! This set includes:

1 Photon Missile Launcher (only included in "Complete Set + Gun" version)
1 Mounting Pod
1 Back Guard
2x Arm Guards
2x Leg Guards (L/R)
2x Fenders (L/R)
2x Turbo Thrusters (L/R)
2x Fender Clips (L/R)

These parts are also specially designed to be cross-compatible with original parts! They were scratch built in CAD and 3D printed to the best of my ability. The details are all there!

Though I specially designed these parts to work for an original 1985 Jetfire toy, most of the armor is also compatible with similar 1/55 Valkyrie of the era. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about compatibility for other toys. If you're buying for a newer Bandai 2002 Macross 1/55 Valkyrie VF-1S, the arm guards are not compatible; but the rest of the armor will work just fine, same goes for the recent KO.

Note: the G1 Jetfire toy shown is not included with this kit and are only used for product shots.

As featured on the MICHAEL MERCY YouTube channel!