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G1 Skywarp Complete Parts Set

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This is a complete set of 3D PRINTED replacement parts for G1 Skywarp! This set includes:

1x Landing Gear
2x Missile Launchers
2x Long Missiles
2x Short Missiles
2x Wings (L/R)
2x Rudders (L/R)
2x Tail Fins (L/R)
2x Fists (L/R)

These parts are also specially designed to be cross-compatible with original parts! They were scratch built in CAD and 3D Printed to the best of my ability. Almost every part in this set is Resin Printed. The colors are about as close as I could possibly get. This set features working spring-loaded missile launchers! (don't aim these at your eyes or face). This set also includes 2 sets of stickers: the Wings and Faction Symbols (The wing stickers are pre-applied; please contact me if you wish to have them packaged alongside instead).

Note: the G1 Skywarp toys shown are not included with this kit and are only used for product shots.